our roots

Here at Ruffio we believe in the power of plants , and they’re amazing nutritional and healing properties. Ingredients like chia seeds, plant proteins such as gluten free oats and pea, greens like mint, kelp and kale… well, we LOVE them , and they have become part of our daily staple. We have seen the difference it has made in us. In our energy levels, in our digestive track, and most importantly in our mind, mood and our spirit. We know it sounds melodramatic and cliché , but living on a Plant Based diet has changed our lives, and made us feel like our best selves. We saw the difference it has made in us and thought … if it can have this effect on us, it surely could do wonders for our furry family members. Who are, indeed , just that. Family. ( Mogwai , the Pekingese is truly my son). We wanted to give our animals treats that made them feel at their best, and that were actually nourishing them. We searched the aisles at pet stores and just couldn’t quite find what we were looking for , so we decided to make it! ( what an ingenious idea, I know ). We did tons of research, and through trials, tons of taste testing done by Mogwai the Pekingese, what you know now as Ruffio, was born. All of our treats are 100% Plant Based , jam packed with Superfoods rich in high omega 3 fatty acids , leafy greens , fruits, vegetables and plant proteins like gluten free oats and chia. Quality is important to us. We use Ingredients you can trust . We’re in this together and we have you’re back. We source all of our ingredients from trusted suppliers and local farmers to ensure our animals are receiving top notch nutrition. We believe in purity ! We don’t use any fillers, preservatives , artificial colors or additives in our treats. Just pure, wholesome, nutrient dense ingredients. We are on the wellness track, constantly learning, and making new discoveries on the incredible healing and nourishing properties of plants. Together, let’s create a New Breed Of Dog a Treat, and nourish the mind, body and spirit of our animals!

We look forward to this journey of PupWellness with you !